Accepting Payments for Enterprise

Simplify your payments infrastructure with cost-methods for accepting payments. We offer a wide range of services and work with you to find the best rates.

Customized Payment Processing Plans

We’d like to have a conversation to learn more about how you operate your business, accept, and make payments. Once we learn about your transaction flow, we will put together a payments plan for your business.

Online Payments

Payment Gateways

In-Person Payments

Point of Sale

Security / PCI Compliance

Merchant Surcharge

Get Paid In Person

Accept payments in person, in your retail location or on the go. We offer a full range of Point of Sale and Stand Alone Terminal solutions. We partner with you to find the payment solutions that work best for your business.

Point of Sale

Find the right Point of Sale system for your business. We offer a full range of Point of Sale solutions, as well as Micros integration.

Upserve by Lightspeed

Clover POS & Credit Card Reader

Poynt Payment Processing

Stand Alone Terminals

We offer a full line of stand-alone terminals, from mobile solutions for businesses that are always on the go to terminals for your retail store.

ingenico Link 2500

ingenico Desk 5000

ingenico Desk 3500

ingenico Moby 5500

Get Paid Online

We offer in-person and online payment solutions that scale with your business, and we find you the best rates.

Payment Gateways

Process payments for your ecommerce, software application, or point of sale system. Learn about fraud protection, setting up reoccurring payments, and how you can save your card holder’s tokenized data.

Shopping Carts

Choose a shopping cart software that works for you, allows your visitors to select items to purchase on your site, and we securely process your payments.

  • $AceShop
  • $CCV Shop
  • $ecwid
  • $EKM
  • $Gambio
  • $JTL Shop 3
  • $Magento
  • $MijoShop
  • $Odoo
  • $Opencart
  • $Oxid eSales
  • $Plentymarkets
  • $PrestaShop
  • $RomanCart
  • $Shop Integrator
  • $Shopify
  • $ShopWare
  • $WooCommerce
  • $Wordpress
  • $xt:Commerce
  • $xtcModified
  • $3dcart
  • $Magento
  • $WooCommerce
  • $Big Commerce
  • $UltraCart
  • $Cartmanager
  • $PinnacleCart
  • $Precision Web
  • $Cirkuit Commerce
  • $Turnkey Web Tools
  • $Smith Consulting
  • $Spreedly

Security & PCI Compliance

We authenticate, encrypt, and tokenize your customers credit card data when it is used and stored. Completing your PCI DSS Compliance validation is the first step safeguarding against a costly breach event and we provide you with the tools to protect your business and your customers.

Merchant Surcharge Option

Zero Cost Credit Card Acceptance and Flat Rate Debit Card Acceptance. Cardholders pay just a 3% surcharge on credit card transactions, covering your credit card acceptance costs. You pay just 1% + $0.25 for every accepted debit card.

Veterans & First Responders

If you are a veteran or first responder business owner, Fountain Payments will provide credit card processesing rates at cost. Please inquire about this program if you are a veteran or first responder. Thank you for your service and God Bless America.