We Partner With The Best In the Biz

As a boutique payments provider we have the ability to partner with a wide range of different clients. Our partners include software partners, bank partners, association partners, and referral partners. We provide you with a US based implementation and account manager that serves as your personal resource and contact.

Software Partners

Fountain Payments provides cutting edge solutions for web and software developers.  We offer payment services for our partners through several shopping carts and virtual terminal gateway integration options. We provide your team with a sandbox to test new program code for your software.

Our services include, recurring billing and automated accounts payable, tokenized transactions to securely save your customers sensitive card holder data, level III processing rates, fraud protection, and PA-DSS certification. Let’s set up a meeting to explore how you can offer your clients the best payment solutions, while adding to your team’s bottom line.

Bank Partners

Fountain Payments offers payment solutions for local banks from a local provider. We are unique in our holistic approach to the payments industry. We increase your bank’s revenue while also offering your clients tools to manage their accounts receivable and accounts payable.  We provide training to your clients, software and hardware deployment and implementation, and offer 24-hour customer support. We work with you to create a solution to best fit your business and meet your clients’ needs.

Association Partners

Fountain Payments offers for-profit and non-profit associations payments partnership opportunities. We work together to discover how to joint market to your association members and offer your membership a payments partnership that cannot find on their own. We give your membership a payments partnership they can count on and your association profits. This is a win-win for associations that are looking to offer premier services to their members while will adding a revenue stream to the Association.

Referral Partners

Fountain Payments offers referral partnership agreements to firms  and individuals looking to offer payment services to clients. We handle the entire sales cycle and offer partners referral residual income. Learn how you can become a Fountain Payments Referral Partner today! 

Crane Brewing - Guapo H.

“Fountain Payments’ service was key to making our transition to new terminals quick and stress-free. Max worked with us on-site and remotely for a smooth integration into the software and supported us with our troubleshooting. We really appreciate it!”

Jasper's KC

“We’ve worked with Fountain Payments for several years to stay competitive with our processing rates. When we expanded our business to online ordering, we were shocked to see just how much money we could save by using a local payments processing company.”

T & C Hunt Club - Robin S.

“We had no idea that we could find a system that allowed us to keep our customers data for membership services and save money. Max really helped us find a soultion that was perfect for us!”

Veterans & First Responders

If you are a veteran or first responder business owner, Fountain Payments will provide credit card processesing rates at cost. Please inquire about this program if you are a veteran or first responder. Thank you for your service and God Bless America.